The most successful year in Duro Dakovic Strojna obrada after the crisis in 2009.

News : The most successful year in Duro Dakovic Strojna obrada after the crisis in 2009.
Closed market, the inability of placing own products and the loss of customers are some of the main consequences of the current crisis in the world and a major cause of the shuting down a large number of businesses.Đuro Đaković Strojna obrada showed how to develop a successful business strategy, and despite the crisis operate with profit. Beacuse why is often mentioned as a positive example in the national media.

After the closure of the Western European and American market, on which the Duro Dakovic Strojna obrada exported three quarters of its production, the Board was forced to lay off 80 of 180 employees in 2009. Revenues fell from the previous 46 to about 10 millions, but the next few years, revenues began to grow again. With revenue of 32 millions, with a million in net profit last year was the best of the last six, and the company has also entered into new markets - Finnish, Swedish and Dutch.

- We invest a lot of effort in order to be re-positioned on the global market. We are developing our production programs and continuously investing in new technologies, and trying to find a large strategic partners which will bringa a new businesses to us - says Director Hrvoje Kekez.

The most important part of the production program today is production of specific products such are gate valves for the exploitation of oil, which company mainly produces for INA, but tries to place them on the world market also. It is a part of eruption device by which oil is pumped in oil fields and offshore platforms. With years of experience, gate valves of ĐĐ Strojna obrada in quality are the same as those produced in the United States and Western Europe which can be seen from the fact that company received a certificate of American Petroleum Institute last year.

- Offers for gate valves we have sent to Russia's Gazprom, Houston, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine. In May, we should be licensed for full eruption device, which will bring us the opportunity to compete for a wider range and increase the chance of successfully make a deal - continues Kekez.

With oil program ĐĐ Strojna obrada is also present in the railway program, in which the largest part occupies the production and overhaul of wheelsets for rail vehicles - trams, locomotives and wagons. In this segment company is working for all countries in the region, but also for the world-famous company Bombardier Transportation and its facilities throughout Western Europe.

The last are slewing bearings of large diameter, which are used on fighting vehicles and lately on wind power plants. Currently, the company works mostly for an Irish manufacturer for which is producing about 20 different components that are installed in wind power plants.

Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : Certificate by Bombardier Transportation
Based on the rating of the current cooperation, and the audit which was conducted, the company "Bombardier Transportation" assigned to company Đuro Đaković Strojna obrada d.o.o. a status of qualified supplier whose scope of work is in accordance with the specified requirements.
Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : CNC Portal machining center
CNC Portal machining center offers more precise and productive machining services to the client's requirements as You can see through the 3D machining service of Kaplan turbines blades.
Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : DD Strojna obrada d.o.o. received deserved Cetificate of API 6A
DD Strojna obrada d.o.o. has successfully met all the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute and received a certificate of API 6A for production of gate valves.
Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : DD Strojna obrada: With investment in new technologies we compete in a qualitative way on the global market!
Members of the Duro Dakovic Group show how company, despite the crisis, can operate with a profit. The company, which is a good example of this is the Duro Dakovic Strojna obrada, which since its establishment in 2002 until today produces and successfully carries side by side
"Đuro Đaković Strojna obrada LTD" has delivered gear diameter of 3880mm for the final customer "Luka Tranzit Osijek LTD".
Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : Delivery of the new gearbox for Adria Čelik d.o.o.
The new gearbox of the main lifting cranes D8 has been delivered to the Adria Celik d.o.o., by DD Strojna obrada. The gearbox stands out, among others, with the increased load capacity of cranes of the 50 tons and the ability to operate in extreme conditions.
Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : Expansion of the API license for Wellheads and Christmas trees production
ĐĐ Strojna obrada has successfully met all the requirements of American Petroleum Institute and deservedly received a new API license extended to the production of Wellheads and Christmas trees.
Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : New contract with Croatian oil company INA
The increase in production and contracts within the oil program. Duro Dakovic Strojna obrada d.o.o. has signed a deal of approximately € 700,000.00 for Croatian oil company INA in the area of the oil exploatation valves, class AA, EE and FF for a special project.
Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : New equipment - Stress relieve with vibrations
DD Strojna Obrada d.o.o. is equipped with new modern CNC equipment for the VSR (vibration stress relief). Stress relief can be performed on large welded structures, and other constructions difficult even to 18.000 kg.
Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : Offer of measuring service with 3D Measuring arm on the field
Measuring arm Echo Plus 3.2 COORD3 is a portable coordinate measuring equipment based on the Smart Sensor technology. It is used for dimensional control of various kinds, and her application is in control and measurement of workpieces/ position, interphase control, etc.
Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : Pellet production line
Innovation at the company "Đuro Đaković Strojna obrada d.o.o." - production of pellet lines for the production of pellets from biomass
Based on the audit performed by the regulatory committee BiH Railways, for company Đuro Đakovic Strojna obrada Ltd. was issued a licence certifying that the products of railway program are approved for use on the railways in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : Presentation of Đuro Đaković Strojna obrada d.o.o. on the InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin
Đuro Đaković Strojna obrada d.o.o. has participated on this years InnoTrans fair 2016. in Berlin, leading world exhibition for transport industry and tehnology.
Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : SALE: Crane gearbox D8-8262-00-000
Đuro Đaković Strojna obrada d.o.o. is selling three-stage gearbox of main lifting with mark 25 N which is normally installed in crane produced by "Đuro Đakovic cranes".
Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : SALE: MAAG Gear Measuring Machine
Đuro Đaković Strojna obrada d.o.o. is selling calibrated MAAG Gear Measuring Machine in good operating condition.
Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : The approval for a specialized workshop from the Ministry of the Republic of Croatia
On the basis of verification on compliance with the required conditions and norms, at the end of October 2013. the company Đuro Ðaković Strojna obrada d.o.o. has received approval for a specialized workshop for maintenance of wheelsets for rail vehicles by the Ministry.
Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : The new five-axle horizontal drill lathe machine TOS MAXIMA I
Following the strategy of investing in modern production equipment and technology, Duro Dakovic Strojna obrada d.o.o. has invested in the purchase of a new five-axle horizontal drill lathe machine TOS MAXIMA I which was recently put into operation.
Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : The participation of ĐĐ Strojna obrada d.o.o. on the largest railway exhibition Innotrans 2014
Innotrans is the largest exhibition in respect of railway theme which attaches the attention of companies and individuals from around the world. Đuro Đaković Strojna obrada d.o.o. has recognized the importance of the exhibition and decided to present own products.
Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : The participation of Đuro Đaković Strojna obrada d.o.o. at Valve World Expo 2014 in Düsseldorf
Valve World Expo is the most important international fair of valves and equipment, as well as their components, intended for different industries such as petrochemical, chemical, food and processing, and is held every two years in Düsseldorf.
Đuro Đaković Strojna Obrada : Wheelsets overhauling for Amsterdam trams!
DD Strojna obrada d.o.o. cooperates with Bombardier transportation in Amsterdam doing overhauling of wheelsets for Amsterdam trams. More then 130 wheelsets should be overhauled in 2011 and 2012.